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My Name is Vipra Jain. I am Owner and Founder of Sparsh Classes. Sparsh Classes is an Educational Platform Which Helps you to Prepare for Teaching Courses like B.Ed. In Future we'll also Launch a Complete Course of C.TET, UP.TET etc...

  • Sparsh Classes gives you a Qualitative Lectures Videos and Notes Completely Free of Cost.
  • We are Passionate About Education. We Focus on Quality of Education not on Quantity of Videos or Topics.
  • Our Motto is to Learn More and Create More Lifelong Learners (Future Teachers) Who can Give their Best to This Nobel Profession. For me Teaching is not Only Profession or Job. It is a Pillar of Society.
  • In the end I just Wanted to Say that if The People Remember me as a Good Teacher, That will be the Biggest Honour for me.
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Vipra Jain
B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Sc

Teacher, Owner & Founder of
Sparsh Classes & Vipra Motivation

Aayushi Jain

Owner of
Shaayu Accounts

Aman Jain

Web Designer & Developer

Devender Saini

Android Developer

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